Riverside Squares of Danvers, MA

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Multi Cycle Workshop Teaching Order January 2014

Basic and Mainstream

Week 1 (definition)

Week 2 (definition)

Week 3 (definition)

Week 4 (definition)

Week 5 (definition)

Week 6 (definition)

Week 7 (definition)

Dancer Naming

Allemande left

Turn Partner by the right

Circle Left/Right

Courtesy Turn


Forward and Back

Promenade/Reverse promenade/Single File Promenade


Four Men/Women Promenade

Ladies Chain

Four Ladies Chain

Four Ladies Chain ¾

Half Sashay

Ladies In, Men Sashay

Right and Left Grand

Weave the Ring

Right and Left Thru


California twirl

Pass Thru

Star Thru

Grand Square

Bend the line

Veer Left/Right

See Saw

Trade (couples/partner)

Wheel and Deal

Square Thru/Left Square Thru

Dive Thru

Chain Down the Line

Box the Gnat

U Turn Back

Circle to a line

Circle to a Line

Lead Right/Left

Allemande Thar (wrong way)

Shoot the Star

Slip the Clutch)

Pass to the Center)

Walk Around Your Corner

Do Paso

Swing Thru/Left Swing Thru


Circulate Couples


Pass the Ocean

Circulate Waves

Flutter Wheel

Reverse Flutter Wheel

Ferris Wheel


Turn Thru

Spin the Top

Slide Thru

Centers In

Cast ¾

Week 8 (definition)

Week 9 (definition)

Week 10 (definition)

Week 11 (definition)

Week 12 (definition)

Week 13 (definition)

Week 14 (definition)

Touch ¼ (Left)

Single File Circulate

Cross Run

Dixie Style to a Wave

Double Pass Thru

Scoot Back

Single Hinge

Trade Bye

Wheel Around

Split/Box Circulate

Tag the line (1/2, ¾,full)

Spin Chain Thru

Fold/Cross Fold

Walk and Dodge

Eight Chain Thru



Sweep a Quarter

Catch Up and Review


Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Week 5

Week 6

Week 7

Acey Deucey

Teacup Chain

Ping Pong Circulate

Load the Boat

Spin Chain the Gears


Peel Off

Linear Cycle


(Anything) and Spread

Track II

(Anything) and Roll

Follow Your Neighbor

Fan the Top

Week 8

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

Week 13

Week 14

Explode the Wave

Explode and Anything

Relay the Deucey

Peel the Top

Single Circle to a Wave

Grand Swing Thru

Trade the Wave

Diamond Circulate

Flip the Diamond


All 8 Spin the Top

Cut the Diamond

Chase Right

Dixie Grand

¾ Tag the Line

Spin Chain and Exchange the Gears

Catch up and Review

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